By: Suzanne

Jan 23 2010

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Cousins on my mum’s side came in twos. Together we are 6 girls. When we were kids, we spent a lot of Christmases together.
One of my aunts, who my sister and I called Birdie, didn’t have kids of her own so she was our special aunt who doted on us all.
To be fair to all of us, she always bought us the same gifts, in different colours. The youngest sibling always got pink or red, the older one blue. There were nighties–lots of nighties–slippers, housecoats and once, a furry pink hassock.

Then one year, when I was ten, she threw all that out the window and bought individual gifts for us all. She gave me a little china Beswick figurine of a white horse. A less-than-one hand-high perfect likeness of the pony I was in love with and desperately wanted to own. She had a tiny gold band engraved with his name on it and hung it around his neck.

Over the years, over many moves, Bonanza has endured a chipped ear and two broken legs. For decades, I’ve kept him propped up where I can see him everyday, his dappled-grey flank leaning up against a potted plant, an ornament, a mirror. After Birdie died last summer, I got out the glue and reattached his hind leg. Now he’s free-standing again, on the dresser that was once my Grandma’s, then hers and is now mine.

3 comments on “Bonanza”

  1. When I read your posts, I feel almost as affectionate for these little horses and yams as you do. Wondering if you ever rode the real-life Bonanza? And is that Birdie in the photo?

  2. Bonanza…yes! I rode him once a week for at least a year. We were well suited to each other, both of us being small. After every lesson, I fed him molasses and oats, rubbed his velvety muzzle and whispered my love into his furry ears.
    And yes, that’s Birdie with my sister and I in one of our pink and blue outfits!

  3. what a nice story and nice composition.

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