Grade 2 Trade

By: Suzanne

Jan 27 2010

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

When I was a kid I loved to trade things with friends at school—usually small stuff for smaller stuff.
I built up a whole collection of novelty mini-cars, from the ‘Zowee’ Hot Wheels series, made by Mattel in the early ’70s.
The “Baby Buggy” is the only one that made it with me this far. This was a trade I made in Grade 2, for  three glass food-colouring jars with coloured lids. I remember that because my Dad thought I’d ripped-off the boy who agreed to the trade. I think the boy liked me. I hope I didn’t take too much advantage!
I didn’t notice until I was taking a picture of it today, that there’s a little cupid’s heart in front of the oversize engine block nestled between the pink bows.
I hope John ended up lucky in love too.

2 comments on “Grade 2 Trade”

  1. I love this story – do you know where John is today ? he would be thriilled to hear that his trade to you was important enough to keep for so long. Maybe he still has the food colouring jars????

  2. I remember those little cars you had…. cute! Wonder if John still has the little glass jars??

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