The Miniature Horses are back!

By: Suzanne

Mar 12 2010

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When visiting my family in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, I used to love taking a walk to visit the ponies and miniature horses that lived a few minutes away. About a decade ago, the barn they lived in was remodeled, painted a pastel colour and people moved in.

This week, I discovered that my favourite path that runs past the barn, parallel to the railway track, through a field and over a stream, has been widened and paved.

After a hundred yards walking and sulking down this much-less-friendly path, I made a happy discovery…the people are still living in the ‘barn’ but the miniature horses are back in the field! They all looked pretty forlorn and scruffy, but I was thrilled to see them. They were eager for the handfuls of grass I passed through the fence. I petted their velvety muzzles, scratched their wild forelocks, and when I went back home, my hands smelled like horse, which was a gift in itself.

Ponies and miniature horses this small aren’t known for their lovely personalities. When the kids and I went by today with cameras, carrots and apples, two of them showed themselves as the greedy, bossy, rump-biters they often are.

This one, his shaggy winter coat matted with straw and manure, was the smallest—and calmest—of them all. We gave him the most apple pieces…when the rump-biters had their backs turned.

2 comments on “The Miniature Horses are back!”

  1. ahhh what a cutie…. I guess the rump biters missed out… hope they mend their ways and get lucky next time you walk by with treats.

  2. this is my favourite post so far!
    put fur on it and the cute factor kicks…pardon the pun. ;o)

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