Freddie the Squirrel

By: Suzanne

Mar 13 2010

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Category: tiny wildlife encounters

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Focal Length:180mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

While visiting family on Vancouver Island this week…this squirrel was a frequent visitor to their backyard fence. We dubbed him “Freddie.” He could be a she. We’re not sure.
Favourite moment: sitting on my haunches in the yard with my son tucked-in beside me, close enough to the squirrel to see his little heart beating madly as he scampered back and forth over the fence, each time appearing with a new piece of pine cone, taking a little nibble, dropping it over our side of the fence, then disappearing over the back. With each reappearance, we had to work harder to muffle our giggles, especially when Freddie stopped for brief seconds to stare back.

One comment on “Freddie the Squirrel”

  1. Someone told me today that “Freddie” and others of his kind are merely rats with tails… I think he looks cute… especially that severe eye contact.

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