St. Patrick’s Day Drink

By: Suzanne

Mar 17 2010

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As soon as I met Paul, I recognized a ‘spark’ of magic but I wasn’t sure whether to call it love…until that St. Patrick’s Day. After going to a dance together at the Heritage Hall on Main Street, he gave me this small staple-bound chapbook he’d made for me—a poem called “The Drink.”  He inscribed it “For Suzanne on St. Patrick’s Day, 1993.”

Ever since then, I’ve been cosily, hip against his, in love.

“The Drink”
by Christy Brown

She sat there cosily beside me
twining her slim glass in her fingers
hip against mine in the small booth
in out of the December fog and frost
icy streets and rooftops of cars parked outside.

We sat  hip-touching, cosily dreaming drinking
in the merry-making midst of the local citizenry;
bricklayers, carpenters, truck drivers, boilermen
and men of praiseworthy unemployment
downing black-skirted cream-topped pints of stout

like avaricious fishes full to the gills,
in randy-currents of man-talk about women,
men with grown-up daughters of other men,
a geyser-shower of bluer-than-blue jokes

flung prodigally into the smokey air,
true men one and all hunched at the Killiney-rock bar
in varying attitudes of stilted eloquence
becoming less stilted, more slurred with beer;
sloping shoulder, half-moon face,

eyes squinted in comic disbelief, hand slapping corduroy thighs,
bedroom intimacies leaking and lisping
from behind mouth-concealing hand, heads nodding emphatically,
wouldn’t tell a word of a lie
and herself big-bellied as usual at home

making the lunch for the  morning.
The talking ball bounced back and forth unendingly
like ganseyed kids up a handball alley.

She sat there cosily beside me
twining her glass in her prayer-like hands
hip against mine in the small booth
looking for a  moment absurdly and incongruously nun-like
in her dark ankle-length coat and dark scarf.

We sat there till closing time
and only out in the cold and fog and frost
did I realize we hadn’t said a word.


Christy Brown’s autobiography My Left Foot was made into a movie by Jim Sheridan (1989) starring Daniel Day Lewis as Christy and Brenda Fricker as his mother.

More on Christy Brown:

6 comments on “St. Patrick’s Day Drink”

  1. Suzanne,

    Please stop being so beautiful!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    xxxx ooooo


  2. oh man, that is too cute. love it.

  3. Oh, I love the gesture in ’93 – how lovely. I know you cherish that time, and you should.

  4. Normally I’d say stay off “the drink” but in this case… here’s to “The Drink” and your happy memories. Happy St. Patricks day! Your sister, Kathleen

  5. How beautiful Suzanne. It really touches my heart. So happy that it was the start of having you in the family.

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