Squirt Wee Boy

By: Suzanne

Mar 18 2010

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Category: opinion, toys

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Found at an early garage sale in a 10-cent bin: kitschy novelty toy, “Squirt Wee Boy.” The package promised “Real SQUIRT-WEE fun time fun! Drop his shorts and he pees.” We couldn’t resist.

1. Open the cap at the base of his foot and fill with water.
2. Take aim, drop his shorts and he’ll pee in that direction.

As soon as we got home, my son filled him up, excited to give his little brother a laugh. He didn’t pee. And his pants won’t stay up. Still, I liked him for his dapper school-boy look and his unabashed non-chalance in the face of his predicament. And so he has stayed on the back of the toilet.

This morning, I read Margaret Wente’s column in The Globe and Mail, “Why are bloggers male?” In it, she argues that the urge to blog is a predominantly male one and this arises from the fact that most men are always happy to offer their opinions on any and all subjects without compunction.  She likens this to “a bunch of 12-year-olds holding peeing contests in the snow.”

Makes me wonder…if this unabashed Wee Boy should come alive in some Brothers Grimm kind of way, would he be one of these males?!

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