Will you marry me, April Fool?

By: Suzanne

Apr 03 2010

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Sixteen years ago, when April Fool’s Day coincided with Easter Saturday, I went over to Paul’s place, to the house where he lived with 3 other guys and an extra couch-surfer or two on weekends.

He looked slightly sheepish when I got there and I wasn’t sure what was up. We had dinner reservations—a rare occurrence for us then and now—but instead of leaving right away as planned, he made me do an Easter egg hunt.

I followed hot-cold hints around his bedroom until I found an egg. Not a foil-wrapped chocolate one as I’d expected. But a plain old chicken egg. Thinking I’d been made the April Fool, I laughed…until I read the message written in magic marker: Will you marry me?

I gasped and when I looked up, he was still wearing that slightly sheepish grin and held out a magic marker. On one end of the egg was written No and on the other, Yes.

I picked up the egg. That small, slightly-shaky circle I drew in magic marker that April Fool’s night was probably the most important stroke of a pen—or marker— I’ve ever made.

I threw my arms around him. The feather-light egg—he had gone through two before he successfully blew out the yolk and whites without cracking the shell—dropped out of my hand and hit the floor.

Sure this was some ancient sign that we were destined never to marry, I gasped again. I picked it up to find only the tiniest crack on the Yes end.

I keep it safe now in a small glass dome that once housed an antique clock, out of the reach of my butterfingers, only bringing it out occasionally for one of us to hold when we tell the story to our kids about how Dad popped the question.

2 comments on “Will you marry me, April Fool?”

  1. I guess I was a good egg!

  2. I love this story. Should you be looking, Paul – you are still a good egg.
    Ptobably the best April 1st tale I’ve ever heard!!

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