Digital cameras needed for small photographers

A special Yam Bird request for photography sponsors, to get kids taking pictures at a Vancouver Elementary School:

Henry Hudson Elementary School is starting a photography project! The goal of the group of seven thoughtful 10 to 12-year-olds is to use photography and journaling as a means of self-exploration and reflection about their place in their world.

The project was initiated by the school’s Learning Assistance teacher with a photojournalist and school parent who is volunteering to teach photography skills.

Our hope is that the children in this first project will then mentor others and spark an interest in using cameras and video work as an ongoing part of the school culture, using digital media to work toward the school’s goal of increasing the students’ written and visual literacy.

To get started, we need some help from our community. The most important thing we need is cameras!

A few kids do have access to cameras and some have cell phones with cameras but we would like to get them started on more or less the same level, with a camera that will give more satisfying results. Each child will keep a camera with them at school, at home and in their community for the full length of the project and then the donated cameras will be kept at the school for the next project.

Following is a list of other things that would be of great help. Kindly look it over and let us know if you are able to donate any of the items below or would like to purchase some of these items and services for us at a local business. Let us know too, if we might call on you to continue your support as the project expands.

We will be making a list of project sponsors and will be sure to post those in our school newsletter and on any promotional materials, to spread the word of your generous contribution to the children of this neighbourhood school.

Please phone or email Suzanne Ahearne (parent/photographer) [cell: 604-616-5098 or ] to arrange pick-up of donations, or you can arrange to drop them off at the school. Kindly phone first to let us know you’ll be coming during school hours (8:45 to 3pm).

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at (604) 713-5441.

Sincerely,  Bruce Porritt, Principal

Wish list:

* 7x Digital Cameras [new or used, in good working order, at least 5 megapixel. With working battery and memory cards]
* 7x Journals/ blank drawing or writing books
* 7x Flash drives [at least 500mb]
* 1 or 2 Digital Video camera/s [new or used in good working condition, with usb or Firewire cable]
* 2 or 3 Tripods [tabletop or full-size]
* Microphone for making audio stories [usb or line-in plug]
* Card reader [multi-format]
* Exhibition frames [11×14 or larger]
* Photo lab printing [gift cards or credit with photo lab so each student can print several photographs of their choice for display, personal use or to gift to someone]

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