Cherry Tomato Monday

By: Suzanne

Apr 19 2010

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Category: fruits and vegetables


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

My husband and I have a secret. We’ve kept it from our neighbours and most of our family. We were especially vigilant about keeping the secret from the kids…until the night they discovered us, standing in the dark in front of an open window.

It started long before the kids were born. One weekend morning, just for a lark, Paul and I tossed some leftover appetizers out the window into the alley. The crows and seagulls were on the scene within minutes and no-one was any the wiser. But the damage was done. We were hooked.

Over the years, we’ve frisbee-d hard tortillas, tossed knobs of baguette, chucked stale bagels and the occasional soft fruit. Mostly after dark. It increases the pleasure.

Quite a while ago, we approved grapes and olives for daytime jettisoning. Sometimes they make it as far as the sidewalk and occasionally, if our timing is just right, we catch an unsuspecting pedestrian doing a double-take as a pitted kalamata rolls past their feet.

The night we were discovered by our children, giggling behind the drape, we decided to let them in on the fun, if they agreed to keep it a family secret. You’re not supposed to ask kids to keep secrets anymore and I’m not sure if they have.

The criteria we’ve kept to is simple: items should be as aerodynamic as possible, biodegradable, edible for animals and not hard like potatoes or month old limes. (Yes, there is a reason we made that rule.)

Now it’s become something of a ritual: on Sunday, we find something suitable in preparation for the coming of the garbage truck that empties our building’s dumpster on Monday morning. It predictably comes at 8AM, sadly after Paul has already left for work. We aim for the chute on top of the truck. So far, only my son the baseball player has hit the bullseye.

Today, it was cherry tomatoes. It seemed wasteful but they really don’t have much flavour and they have sat there, looking waxen and perfect on the counter for an unnaturally long time. Today’s accuracy count: zero for three.

4 comments on “Cherry Tomato Monday”

  1. I think I’ll have to move my schedule around on Mondays so I can participate in this. But Suz, you have not told the full story: You have to tell everyone about our fondness for throwing water-balloons on the crowds during the Fireworks Festival. . . . surely one of the highlights of my summer calendar!

  2. I’m already planning a visit to your place and the time frame will include a Monday morning!!!

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