Big animals eating smaller animals

By: Suzanne

Jun 15 2010

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Category: Flora and fauna


Focal Length:56mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

First impression of Montana: they like their animals taxidermied and cooked.

Looming over the baggage carousel in the airport in Missoula is this trio of a brown bear egging-on a mountain lion who has his teeth sunk into the neck of a silently bleating mountain goat.

First funny t-shirt seen: on a beefy guy waiting for his suitcase from the same flight as me, “All God’s creatures look best next to mashed potatoes and gravy.”

First dinner, eaten at table below two stuffed and snarling mountain lions and a retreating porcupine mounted above the fireplace mantel: 6 ounces of bison, cooked medium rare with two tiny carrots on the side, for colour only.

Hoping my first live wildlife encounter is with something small…not a mountain lion.

2 comments on “Big animals eating smaller animals”

  1. Seems to me that life is rough, ready and rare in them thar parts!

  2. I wonder how a vegetarian would cope there??!
    p.s. don’t go walking any trails alone.. !!! do they use bear spray there??!

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