Jelly Belly Elvis

By: Suzanne

Sep 06 2010

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Category: jellybean art


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Loved this portrait of Elvis by Peter Rocha I saw on display in the Agrodome at the Pacific National Exhibition as part of the “It’s A Candy Nation” exhibition. It’s made from thousands of Jelly Belly jellybeans—probably the world’s smallest, tastiest jellybeans.

We also bought a mixed sack of their Official 50 beans and some of their weird newbie “Rookie” beans—like Mojito [wretched!] and Honey Bean [a huge hit!]—for sale as part of the ‘exhibit’, at an inflated price, of course (like most everything else at the P.N.E.).

Just an aside: Why DOES the Coca Cola company get away with an exclusive with the P.N.E., selling their 591 ml bottles of “purified” tapwater for $3.50 each?! After asking numerous people on site—vendors, security, information staff—no one knew where else to find drinkable water except from the bathroom taps. The vendors only have ‘recycled water’ (?) available for their cleaning needs, one sheepish young woman at the Greek food stall told me as she sold me a bottle.

More great Jelly Belly art is here…

One of the newest Jelly Belly artists is Kristen Cumings…check out THIS LINK where she explains how she created her Jelly Belly Mona Lisa—a modern, edible (until the beans are  glued and shellacked!) mosaic.

5 comments on “Jelly Belly Elvis”

  1. A fitting tribute to the King.

  2. Hi
    Isn’t this great? Just one correction. This portrait is the work of Peter Rocha of San Francisco. You can see the whole gallery of art pieces by various artists at:

    Your friends at Jelly Belly

  3. Many thanks Jelly Belly! Made the correction to my original post.

  4. This is yummy art ! Hope your Uncle Carl sees it, Suz..he would love it

  5. This reminds me of the crop art at the Minnesota State Fair. There is a display every year of wall hangings that are seed collages — take your jelly bean Elvis here and imagine the image made from seeds instead. I’m always so impressed. How much patience that must take!

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