A Boy’s Concern for a Rat

By: Suzanne

Sep 18 2010

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Category: Flora and fauna, tiny wildlife encounters


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Aaah… the loveliness of childhood, when a rat deserves as much sympathetic concern as a sick chipmunk or kitten.

On a sidewalk near Granville Island today, I came across this little boy sitting on his haunches watching a rat.

He noticed that the end of the rat’s tail was gone, that he probably ate a lot of fish and chips cuz he was kinda chubby, and that his eyes were closed so he must be tired.  He told anyone within earshot that we should all tiptoe away and leave him to his sleeping.

I happily did so.

2 comments on “A Boy’s Concern for a Rat”

  1. Ahhh… the rat … I wonder how he/she is tonight?… I feel empathy for him/her but now I shiver and feel like lifting my feet off the ground at the thought that it’s friend or relation might viisit my abode. Maybe that little boy will be a vet one day! like the one I saw in the Animal ER last month who was consulted about a teary owner’s pet rat… perhaps that ‘loveliness’ will stick!

  2. Ah, we should all try to retain a bit of our childhood interest/sympathy for all things big, small, clean, dirty, angelic and disgusting. It’s good for our souls.

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