Morning Love Notes

By: Suzanne

Sep 24 2010

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Today, it’s our 16th wedding anniversary.

I spent a little while this morning looking through a stack of notes my husband has written and drawn for me over the years. I keep them in a folder in my file cabinet.

I was surprised to find how many of them were written in the morning, many as he snuck away early to work while I slept on, often with babies beside me. I’d find them on my bedside, on the bathroom or kitchen counter or on my desk when I staggered back to it after staying up late to work. There’s even one that’s sealed in a sandwich baggie and a twist tie, that he’d tossed to me over the shower rod announcing he had breakfast ready!

I keep the folder of notes in the front of the bottom drawer, just ahead of the file folders full of bills, receipts, RESP and RRSP statements, banking and insurance papers—all the anxiety-inducing stuff. When I pull open the heavy metal drawer that squeals with the strain of papers it carries, I like to imagine that the rustling of love notes releases some kind of natural endorphins that will help me deal more calmly and gracefully with the stuff that lies behind them. If I let it happen, the weight of the years and the papers seems to lighten.

3 comments on “Morning Love Notes”

  1. It is just sooo romantic – I love this!!!


  3. Such sweetness! I love that he tossed you a note in the shower. That’s creative. Happy 16 years!

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