Defacings at Kits Beach

On a walk along Kits Beach this morning, noticed a new sticker campaign had launched itself on lamp posts, signs and benches all along the beachfront. Stuck in pairs, this message is written around little concentric circles of pink: You’ve checked out these breasts. What about your own? Go to DONTFORGETTOCHECK.CA

When I got back home I checked out the website. It’s part of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s new “Boob Bomb” public education campaign, as it turns out, geared toward young women (and men I guess?).

Thought it was funny that the Boob Bombers were defacing an already-defaced sign, where some anti-pooping campaigner had added blobs of Liquid Paper to reinforce the Parks Board’s anti-dog campaign.

2 comments on “Defacings at Kits Beach”

  1. I haven’t seen these sign yet… “no dogs”…. oh for the good old days when little Rosie and I strolled the windy rainy wintry beach in peace… no signs! no problem! I guess Sophie will never know that joy!

  2. LOL great sign, maybe a green circle around a little baggie so people can walk their dogs

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